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Academic Programming

Over the course of many years, our Casas team, has collaborated and worked to develop a comprehensive curriculum that vertically aligns from Kinder all the way through 8th grade. Below is an overview of our core curriculum that is used to help provide our students with rigorous, research & standard-based instruction. 
Casas English Language Arts & Writing
Lectura y Escritura en Casas
English Language Arts & Writing: Wit & Wisdom 

Casas is embarking on its 4th year of using the English Language Arts & Writing curriculum Great Minds Wit & Wisdom in Kinder through 8th grade! This novel based and universal theme based curriculum has helped build knowledge of key topics in history, science, and literature through the study of excellent texts. 


Throughout the year, we encourage families to continously ask their children what texts they are reading in class and what focusing question are they diving into that week! Below are "Parent Tip Sheets" for each grade that help families get familiarized with the topics, essential questions, and texts our students will be diving into this first quarter. It also provides parents questions to ask at home, suggestions for books to read at home, and recommended places to visit to connect to their learning!

Wit & Wisdom Parent Tip Sheet's
Casas Mathematics 
Matemáticas en Casas
Mathematics: Eureka Math  
Casas uses Eureka Math curriculum for all grades K-8. This curriculum was thoughtfully constructed and designed like a story that focuses on key concepts that build up over time by using similar models and problem-solving methods from grade to grade, so math concepts stay with them, year after year. 
Eureka Math provides a series of Family Tip Sheets, Homework Helpers, and Grade Roadmaps in both English & Spanish HERE
Casas Science  
Ciencas en Casas
Our Kinder through 3rd grade classrooms use Mystery Science to nurture curiosity amongst our younger learners. This curriculum is hands-on & Standards and Common Core aligned. 
Our 4th-8th grad classrooms use Amplify Science in their classrooms! This program was built to empower students to investigate, discuss, research, and write like real scientists and engineers through a series of investigaitions of real-world problems and scientific phenomena. 
Social & Emotional Learning 
Aprendizaje Social y Emocional
While we continue to be fiercely focused on continuing our students academic progress and addressing any academic needs, we are also committed to provide additional supports for students mental health needs and social and emotional learning. Last year, we launched the curricular program, ReThink Ed, in our classrooms to teach social and emotional learning competencies, such as "self-awareness" and "responsible decision making." We are excited to continue to utilize this great platform and focus on our student's holistic growth.