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Acero Bartolomé De Las Casas

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School Profile

Casas, which opened in 2006, prides itself on a rigorous curriculum, an individualized approach and strong parent partnerships.

As a community of students, teachers, mentors, writers, scientists, artists, explorers and leaders, we are truly a family. The word family is connected so strongly at our small school, both literally and figuratively. We span grades K though 8, with a total of 288 students. Many of our students have a familial bond with one another. Those who are not related by blood, have come to find brothers and sister. in their classmates through the nine years they spend together at Casas.


Our students can participate in the National Junior Honor Society, athletic teams, a rock band, Latin club and programs with our external partners (listed below).


Acero Schools provide a strong academic foundation for students at the elementary level to help them master the fundamental skills necessary for success in high school and beyond.


Our Mission: Transforming minds through academic empowerment and success.


Our Vision: Provide educational opportunities that will launch the next generation of extraordinary life-long learners, discerners and doers.

School Partnerships
National Junior Honor Society, The Pilsen Chapter - In 2016, Casas founded "The Pilsen Chapter" of National Junior Honor Society (NJHS). NJHS is part of the National Honor Society, a national organization that recognizes academic excellence. Students in grades 6-8 are invited to apply.
Ravinia's Reach+Teach+Play - This program partners with schools that are not able to provide traditional music instruction. Teacher Artists work in tandem with classroom teachers to provide 15 weekly lessons.. These lessons culminate into a music ensemble that is created in collaboration with the students.
Museum of Science and Industry - The Museum of Science and Industry provides teacher professional development around Next Generation Science Standards. They also provided science classroom materials, real-world lab experiences at the museum, as well as field trips for students.
Museum of Contemporary Art - The Museum of Contemporary Art provided students with creation labs where they were given opportunities to work with different art media.
Chicago Youth Sports Alliance (YSA) - YSA hosts an annual student field day that is led by Big 10 Alumni.
Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center - In the 2016-2017 SY, students in grades 5 and 6 were invited to attend "Student Leadership Days" where they worked collaboratively together and with students from other schools to create games that encourage critical thinking.
Aequora - This is an after school program that bridges the English and Spanish language through Latin instruction and world cultural studies.
Chicago Blackhawks - The Chicago Blackhawks donated floor hockey equipment to the students at Casas and provided on-site, multi-day, clinics for students to learn how to play hockey.
Bernie's Books - This organization donates bags of books to each student at Casas.