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Acero Bartolomé De Las Casas

Casas Family Communication 4/23/21

Congratulations to our Q3 Perfect Attendance students & Middle School "GRIT" Award winners!


Reminder: Acero - Casas Meal Distribution Update:

A reminder that there will be no meal distribution on Monday, April 19.  Since Wednesday, April 14 and for the remainder of the school year, meals are distributed only once per week on Wednesdays from 8:am to 2:30pm. 


Update Regarding Transitioning to Hybrid Learning (4/16/21):

Next week, all students will have 5 full days of instruction whether that is staying fully remote or returning to Casas for part of the week.

  • Pod A students (in-person): Mondays & Tuesdays
  • Pod B students (in-person): Thursdays & Fridays
  • All remaining days not in person are remote learning days
Hybrid Student Arrival: 7:45-8:00pm. Hybrid Student Dismissal: 1:45-2:00pm

Here is the Casas Daily Covid Screening Form Link

You can also check out Acero's Student & Visitor Screener update: and additional information about Opt-In Student COVID-19 Testing here.

Please know, we remain here for you, your questions, and your concerns. Check out the updated Hybrid Learning Transition Hub for more information.