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Acero Bartolomé De Las Casas

Casas Newsletter - 5/3/2019

This week's newsletter includes photos and shout-outs for the wonderful events we have had at Casas the last two weeks.

Casas Kids Rock!

Acero-Casas Day of Service was held on April 24th

We honored the 20th Anniversary of Acero Schools with a day of community building and service by updating our playground with new flowers, herbs, and a Casas rock garden.

#AdelanteAcero #CasasKidsRock


Casas – Ravinia Music Performance on April 29th 

Kindergarten through 3rd grade 


Celebrating Children's Rights!: Día del Niño

Día del Niño celebration of children’s rights was on April 30.

This was fun-filled day of learning about different rights, activities and celebration!

Thank you to all parent volunteers that helped make this day truly special!