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Remote Learning » Virtual Classrooms & Schedules

Virtual Classrooms & Schedules

Casas Student Expectations for Remote Learning found HERE. 
How to support your child with Remote Learning tips
What to feel more prepared for class on Tuesday, Sept 8th? Check out the short video below. It covers how to log in to a borrowed Acero Chromebook, how to access Clever, and finally how to access Google Classroom. 
Link for a video in ENGLISH / ESPAÑOL
Kinder Google Classroom
Classroom Code: f5g3ali
Google classroom
Classroom Code: nzvaoqa
Google Classrom
Classroom Code: zbgg5cp
google classroom
Classroom Code: q7e4fkc
4th google classroom
4th Grade Class Code: vs3wlmc
google classroom
5th Grade Class Code: 4dkz44
6th Grade Class Code: cvxnmhq
Homeroom Teacher: Ms. Wilke
google classroom
7th Grade Class Code: absr2qj
Homeroom Teacher: Ms. Colleen
8th google classroom
8th Grade Class Code: uujq4wq
Homeroom Teacher: Mr. Schnura